Aaronia and Chaun writing

today was the day where Aaronia/princesses Got to pick her prince. There was a catch, Aaronia had to pick the prince by the sound of their voice. There were three princes to choose from. Number 1 spoke first, his voice was nice at first but then he started voice cracking all the time and Aaronia didn’t really like that. Next was the second prince. His voice was as high as a person that inhaled helium. The princess also didn’t like him because she wanted a real man that has a nice strong voice. Now the last prince was the princesses’ only hope. He spoke with a deep, strong voice but it wasn’t english. 


In Aaronia’s mind she was thinking that he was the one,not without thinking if he spoke English or not. without a second thought she said yes I want him. 3..2..1..They showed him,  Aaronia’s eyes were in shock. It was an Ogre(Chaun), The guards surrounded him with spears to his throat and hunting rifles right at his brain. The king didn’t know what to do because there was a rule that when a princess chooses a man they cannot turn back, they have to stay with him for the rest of their life.  Aaronia regrets her decision and wants to choose one of the other men but she can’t. She quickly took Chaun into her room. 

She asked Chaun if he knew how to speak English and Chaun said ADAFO AOFBLEIFB FIJOEF. Aaronia was thinking of a plan to get rid of Chaun. After a while of thinking she got an idea. What she is gonna do is tell Chaun to jump out the window and run 100 miles. Chaun would do anything for Aaronia so he did it. Next, Aaronia had to run out of her room screaming saying my prince jumped out the window and ran away. The king was confused because he thought she didn’t like Chaun.


Aaronia had to lie to her father. She told him that she was talking to him alone and she actually got to know him better. The king was a little upset because his little princess didn’t get a prince. Aaronia said it was a shame, But in her sneaky mind she was like yes I don’t have to live with Chaun. He smelt terrible.

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