Writing Challenge

 ”What’s on tiktok today” Mr Goodwin said. What’s this (video) breaking news in Samoa there was a sour lolly made by scientists, It is so sour that it makes people so exuberant. Warning: do not eat at your own risk, stores will be taking them off the shelves so do not eat it. Mr Goodwin froze for a little but then he thought maybe they were just exaggerating. So he bought some off the black market. Once it arrived he opened the pack right away and BOOM there it was the sour candy. He ate one and never saw him again. But someone did see something swinging in the trees.

my dream home

My dream house has 3 floors and is on top of a little mountain facing into the city with the sunset behind. 


On the first floor there is going to be a kitchen, dining table and a living room. The kitchen is going to be like a normal kitchen and the dining room will have comfy chairs and there will be a luxury chandelier on top. The living room will have the biggest tv (100 inch)  and the biggest bean bags and fluffy couches.


On the 2nd floor there will be a bar for kids/adults. Of course I got to think about other people so there will be 4 bedrooms for the guests if they want to stay the night. Now getting to the good stuff there will be a movie theater with all the movies for free in the world with ultra hd 4k 8k best screen in the world and then normal cinema seats.


Now on the 3rd floor there are going to be six bedrooms, one for my whole family, every room will have a walk-in wardrobe. Everyone’s room will be a master bedroom but only two rooms will have their own bathrooms for my parents and myself. Right next to all the rooms will be a game room, The game room will have blacked out couches going all across the room. Now on the wall there will be another big TV with a ps5 with all the games you could ever want.


But to the side there is another room and in this room it will actually have arcade machines. The arcade machines that I am going to put in there are the basketball hoop When you have to shoot the basketball, I will have the punch machine so I can challenge my family, friends, cousins, uncles and aunties. We obviously can’t forget about the games with pew pews.


Outside I will have the most  gigantic and expensive pool, the pool will be 20 feet deep, the biggest one ever.next to the pool there will be a shower to rinse yourself and there will be a rack filled with white towels. It will be restocked every week.and also a jacuzzi and a sauna.

My most favourite part in the whole mansion is the garage. I will have a jeep trackhawk, Audi r8 a dirt bike and a quad bike. And then you know I just bought a bowling place because I love bowling, and a place with go karts and I race. 


hope you enjoyed and liked my writing on my dream home. And look at my other posts on my blog.

about me

Fakalofa lahi atu(hello) my name is Kristopher I am a year 8 student at Pt England school this is my last year. my culture is Niuean. Niue is a pacific island. My teachers names is Ms Hall and Mrs Stone. I like playing games like apex legends, just cause 4 and   ufc 4. This is my old blog that shows everything that I blogged in the previous years ever since I started school.



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